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Welcome to our site,where you can find lots of informations about files and processes on your Windows computer. Our database contains of information files, topics and advises.

You know that there exist thousands of windows processes and some of them are useful, but there are such processes that are harmful. Viruses may run in background or hide behind needful processes. These malicious programs may devour system resources and even give hackers free access.

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Random Files

msctfuimanager.dll.mui Microsoft UIব্যবস্থাপন DLL
md5: 0216bb1ef9b49a9b1a482e6c000a7d92

ncryptprov.dll.mui KSP de Microsoft
md5: 1500e0033c71d955fd75f3cdf09ecce9

F12Chooser.exe Ejecutable del Selector de datos adjuntos de F12
md5: ecdfb555a6fabd49b237f9f60d5d312a

vmcompute.exe Hyper-V-isäntälaskentapalvelu
md5: 4ea1628a8550323d142458607bb5cbdd

setupprep.exe Windows 10 Setup
md5: e883fabb358fe671af586f40fbde9315

InstallAgent.exe InstallAgent
md5: 24597f616db64393c55f1721f40cd143

msxml6r.dll.mui XML Resources
md5: cdd6205ba305809dc71d41e9a95bc06f

themecpl.dll.mui Personalization CPL
md5: 42ba0d9cd9b63a148d5101c9bb774b0f

windeployetw.dll.mui Windeploy ETW Event Resources
md5: 702079ad0a73410d9398a22c77588e50

bthpan.sys.mui Bluetooth Personal Area Networking
md5: db34e128798e1298955f650982e6eca5