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You know that there exist thousands of windows processes and some of them are useful, but there are such processes that are harmful. Viruses may run in background or hide behind needful processes. These malicious programs may devour system resources and even give hackers free access.

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Random Files

storagewmi.dll.mui WMI Provider for Storage Management
md5: 7e153e04522d1d49ba4dd373bae221fe

CloudStorageWizard.exe CloudStorageWizard
md5: 6083d900e977f505c9db2f00b02c3b8d

TabTip32.exe Touch Keyboard and Handwriting Panel Helper
md5: 9fe88a7c4e4aa46b7e7f1bf565c335ea

explorerframe.dll.mui ExplorerFrame
md5: bc0e9969bd4ae9a2255ce8f7bc4afb24

notepad.exe Notisblokk
md5: e1281f92b860c86f75860b4c1b7bf999

oobeldretw.dll.mui OobeLdr ETW Event Resources
md5: ea405f81cd4c76917c2086e51f35b1e0

partmgr.sys.mui Partition driver
md5: 3577e73ffa9cba2c95bc6073b608e4d7

Dsui.dll.mui Pagini interfață utilizator pentru configurare dispozitiv
md5: ff78b36e0050f8cb4ce05d9765a0eea4

DevicePairing.dll.mui Razširitve lupine za vzpostavljanje povezav med napravami
md5: 8bea5ae00f50222bb9868e209d7daddf

colorui.dll.mui [Microsoft 色彩] 控制台小程式
md5: ef0ce2d21b38ac8c0dd2d62b38b8e5d6