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You know that there exist thousands of windows processes and some of them are useful, but there are such processes that are harmful. Viruses may run in background or hide behind needful processes. These malicious programs may devour system resources and even give hackers free access.

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Random Files

compres.dll.mui 升级兼容资源
md5: a1f7386d5eff0ecbde4385b32642606c

avifil32.dll.mui Microsoft AVI-Dateiunterstützungs-Bibliothek
md5: 39722a91966ce98205639510d8165616

SMCCx.dll.mui Extension de classe de carte à puce
md5: 7cd9561faebb2f49e48c821fa52c8be5

WWAHost.exe Microsoft WWA Host
md5: 2a19dc5ff13a0364420704fd3c94f590

MbaeApi.dll.mui मोबायल ब्रॉडबॅंड खातें अणभव API
md5: f92432f345c9daf98264961456f8e3cd

WfHC.dll.mui Windows ugunsmūra palīga klase
md5: 900cc0663aa2b422e79a5f0502250e55

NdisImPlatform.sys.mui Microsoft Network Adapter Multiplexor
md5: 0a5e31edcc3ede8bcf3052be6fd156bb

DataExchangeHost.exe Host de Troca de Dados
md5: 520b5962e886e9c3eda47e2cdbafde16

Apphlpdm.dll.mui Modul de ajutor compatibilitate aplicații
md5: 8c1459ef9bff33d59f2e938e37feeb99

wsecedit.dll.mui Güvenlik Yapılandırma UI Birimi
md5: c7ab4144342ed7ab4a756300348d33b7