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Welcome to our site,where you can find lots of informations about files and processes on your Windows computer. Our database contains of information files, topics and advises.

You know that there exist thousands of windows processes and some of them are useful, but there are such processes that are harmful. Viruses may run in background or hide behind needful processes. These malicious programs may devour system resources and even give hackers free access.

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Random Files

docprop.dll.mui OLE DocFile Property Page
md5: 5cdcbd192228d0fa0856368c77e5146b

eappgnui.dll.mui EAP 通用 UI
md5: 84f50be5248bebe509fec8bbf408c0ad

logman.exe Utilità registro prestazioni
md5: 1ffae8cb962a4bb70ce8e3a862fc596f

WinLGDep.dll.mui Libreria di distribuzione WinLogon
md5: 27536438cc335e70f7f0a2db462bfa32

SpaceControl.dll.mui Pannello di controllo spazi di archiviazione
md5: 4597250ca1491226777db958c0e32a5f

Windows.UI.Xaml.Phone.dll.mui Windows UI XAML Phone API
md5: 15300f593612fa359085f0756268ad09

inetcpl.cpl.mui Tauler de control d'Internet
md5: 9e93a3b3cf316c5efcab8c5866f462f3

domgmt.dll.mui Piegādes optimizācijas pārvaldība
md5: 03d761eb7476f7cc9f3043e667c3e572

sppnp.dll.mui PnP-modul i SysPrep
md5: 85e5c16659992c16133337dc0e9a3f13

wsepno.dll.mui Windows Search Hizmeti için profil bildirim desteği
md5: 8ef34648c764febfa1d3a96be76d7e53