mlang.dll.mui INkxaso ye-DLL yeeLwimi Ezininzi e62a0c1cdbd3ea4aa4f85355897bb8c7

File info

File name: mlang.dll.mui
Size: 16896 byte
MD5: e62a0c1cdbd3ea4aa4f85355897bb8c7
SHA1: 7adab5816974ef3d9ffe1c027b89137cae835a16
SHA256: 25a30daecb18317ac15927ef3e692c95dd971a7316940a75d9062acbea2f05ec
Operating systems: Windows 10
Extension: MUI

Translations messages and strings

If an error occurred or the following message in Xhosa language and you cannot find a solution, than check answer in English. Table below helps to know how correctly this phrase sounds in English.

id Xhosa English
4096Code Page %d Code Page %d
4352Afrikaans Afrikaans
4353Albanian Albanian
4354Arabic Arabic
4355Arabic (Saudi Arabia) Arabic (Saudi Arabia)
4356Arabic (Iraq) Arabic (Iraq)
4357Arabic (Egypt) Arabic (Egypt)
4358Arabic (Libya) Arabic (Libya)
4359Arabic (Algeria) Arabic (Algeria)
4360Arabic (Morocco) Arabic (Morocco)
4361Arabic (Tunisia) Arabic (Tunisia)
4362Arabic (Oman) Arabic (Oman)
4363Arabic (Yemen) Arabic (Yemen)
4364Arabic (Syria) Arabic (Syria)
4365Arabic (Jordan) Arabic (Jordan)
4366Arabic (Lebanon) Arabic (Lebanon)
4367Arabic (Kuwait) Arabic (Kuwait)
4368Arabic (U.A.E.) Arabic (U.A.E.)
4369Arabic (Bahrain) Arabic (Bahrain)
4370Arabic (Qatar) Arabic (Qatar)
4371Basque Basque
4372Bulgarian Bulgarian
4373Belarusian Belarusian
4374Catalan Catalan
4375Chinese Chinese
4376Chinese (Taiwan) Chinese (Taiwan)
4377Chinese (China) Chinese (China)
4378Chinese (Hong Kong SAR) Chinese (Hong Kong SAR)
4379Chinese (Singapore) Chinese (Singapore)
4380Croatian Croatian
4381Czech Czech
4382Danish Danish
4383Dutch (Netherlands) Dutch (Netherlands)
4384Dutch (Belgium) Dutch (Belgium)
4385English English
4386English (United States) English (United States)
4387English (United Kingdom) English (United Kingdom)
4388English (Australia) English (Australia)
4389English (Canada) English (Canada)
4390English (New Zealand) English (New Zealand)
4391English (Ireland) English (Ireland)
4392English (South Africa) English (South Africa)
4393English (Jamaica) English (Jamaica)
4394English (Belize) English (Belize)
4395English (Trinidad) English (Trinidad)
4396Estonian Estonian
4397Faeroese Faeroese
4398Persian Persian
4399Finnish Finnish
4400French (France) French (France)
4401French (Belgium) French (Belgium)
4402French (Canada) French (Canada)
4403French (Switzerland) French (Switzerland)
4404French (Luxembourg) French (Luxembourg)
4405Scottish Gaelic (United Kingdom) Scottish Gaelic (United Kingdom)
4406German (Germany) German (Germany)
4407German (Switzerland) German (Switzerland)
4408German (Austria) German (Austria)
4409German (Luxembourg) German (Luxembourg)
4410German (Liechtenstein) German (Liechtenstein)
4411Greek Greek
4412Hebrew Hebrew
4413Hindi Hindi
4414Hungarian Hungarian
4415Icelandic Icelandic
4416Indonesian Indonesian
4417Italian (Italy) Italian (Italy)
4418Italian (Switzerland) Italian (Switzerland)
4419Japanese Japanese
4420Korean Korean
4421Latvian Latvian
4422Lithuanian Lithuanian
4423Macedonian (F.Y.R.O. Macedonia) Macedonian (F.Y.R.O. Macedonia)
4424Malay (Malaysia) Malay (Malaysia)
4425Maltese Maltese
4426Norwegian (Bokmal) Norwegian (Bokmal)
4427Norwegian (Nynorsk) Norwegian (Nynorsk)
4428Polish Polish
4429Portuguese (Brazil) Portuguese (Brazil)
4430Portuguese (Portugal) Portuguese (Portugal)
4431Rhaeto-Romanic Rhaeto-Romanic
4432Romanian Romanian
4433Romanian (Moldova) Romanian (Moldova)
4434Russian Russian
4435Russian (Moldova) Russian (Moldova)
4436Serbian (Cyrillic) Serbian (Cyrillic)
4437Serbian (Latin) Serbian (Latin)
4438Slovak Slovak
4439Slovenian Slovenian
4440Sorbian Sorbian
4441Spanish (Traditional Sort) Spanish (Traditional Sort)
4442Spanish (Mexico) Spanish (Mexico)
4443Spanish (International Sort) Spanish (International Sort)
4444Spanish (Guatemala) Spanish (Guatemala)
4445Spanish (Costa Rica) Spanish (Costa Rica)
4446Spanish (Panama) Spanish (Panama)
4447Spanish (Dominican Republic) Spanish (Dominican Republic)
4448Spanish (Venezuela) Spanish (Venezuela)
4449Spanish (Colombia) Spanish (Colombia)
4450Spanish (Peru) Spanish (Peru)
4451Spanish (Argentina) Spanish (Argentina)
4452Spanish (Ecuador) Spanish (Ecuador)
4453Spanish (Chile) Spanish (Chile)
4454Spanish (Uruguay) Spanish (Uruguay)
4455Spanish (Paraguay) Spanish (Paraguay)
4456Spanish (Bolivia) Spanish (Bolivia)
4457Spanish (El Salvador) Spanish (El Salvador)
4458Spanish (Honduras) Spanish (Honduras)
4459Spanish (Nicaragua) Spanish (Nicaragua)
4460Spanish (Puerto Rico) Spanish (Puerto Rico)
4461Sutu Sutu
4462Swedish Swedish
4463Swedish (Finland) Swedish (Finland)
4464Thai Thai
4465Tsonga Tsonga
4466Tswana Tswana
4467Turkish Turkish
4468Ukrainian Ukrainian
4469Urdu Urdu
4470Vietnamese Vietnamese
4471Xhosa Xhosa
4472Yiddish Yiddish
4473Zulu Zulu
4474Chinese (Macao SAR) Chinese (Macao SAR)
4475English (Caribbean) English (Caribbean)
4476English (Zimbabwe) English (Zimbabwe)
4477English (Philippines) English (Philippines)
4478French (Monaco) French (Monaco)
4479Azeri (Latin) Azeri (Latin)
4480Uzbek (Cyrillic) Uzbek (Cyrillic)
4481Uzbek (Latin) Uzbek (Latin)
4482Armenian Armenian
4483Georgian Georgian
4484Kazakh Kazakh
4485Swahili Swahili
4486Tatar Tatar
4487Bangla Bangla
4488Punjabi Punjabi
4489Gujarati Gujarati
4490Odia Odia
4491Tamil Tamil
4492Telugu Telugu
4493Kannada Kannada
4494Malayalam Malayalam
4495Assamese Assamese
4497Marathi Marathi
4498Malay (Brunei) Malay (Brunei)
4499Nepali (India) Nepali (India)
4500Sanskrit Sanskrit
4502Konkani Konkani
4503Azeri (Cyrillic) Azeri (Cyrillic)
4504Kyrgyz Kyrgyz
4505Mongolian (Cyrillic) Mongolian (Cyrillic)
4506Galician Galician
4507Syriac Syriac
4508Divehi Divehi
4509Spanish (United States) Spanish (United States)
4608Ikhowudi efanayo Unicode
4609Unicode (Big-Endian) Unicode (Big-Endian)
4610UmYurophu Osembindini (Windows) Central European (Windows)
4611Isi-Cyrillic (Windows) Cyrillic (Windows)
4612UmYurophu waseNtshonalanga (Windows) Western European (Windows)
4613IsiGrike (Windows) Greek (Windows)
4614Ulwimi lwabantu baseTurkey (Windows) Turkish (Windows)
4615IsiHebhere (Windows) Hebrew (Windows)
4616IsiArabhu (Windows) Arabic (Windows)
4617Isi-Baltic (Windows) Baltic (Windows)
4618I-Vietnamese (Windows) Vietnamese (Windows)
4619Western European (IA5) Western European (IA5)
4620German (IA5) German (IA5)
4621Swedish (IA5) Swedish (IA5)
4622Norwegian (IA5) Norwegian (IA5)
4623Isi-Cyrillic (KOI8-R) Cyrillic (KOI8-R)
4624Isi-Cyrillic (KOI8-U) Cyrillic (KOI8-U)
4625UmYurophu Osembindini (ISO) Central European (ISO)
4626Latin 3 (ISO) Latin 3 (ISO)
4627Isi-Baltic (ISO) Baltic (ISO)
4628Isi-Cyrillic (ISO) Cyrillic (ISO)
4629IsiArabhu (ISO) Arabic (ISO)
4630IsiGrike (ISO) Greek (ISO)
4631IsiHebhere (i-ISO-Ebonakalayo) Hebrew (ISO-Visual)
4632UMsebenzisi uchaziwe User Defined
4633Japanese (JIS) Japanese (JIS)
4634Japanese (JIS-Allow 1 byte Kana) Japanese (JIS-Allow 1 byte Kana)
4635Japanese (JIS-Allow 1 byte Kana - SO/SI) Japanese (JIS-Allow 1 byte Kana - SO/SI)
4636Korean (ISO) Korean (ISO)
4637IsiJapani (Khetha-Ngokuzenzekela) Japanese (Auto-Select)
4638Korean (Auto-Select) Korean (Auto-Select)
4639IsiJapani (EUC) Japanese (EUC)
4640Korean (EUC) Korean (EUC)
4641IsiTshayina Esenziwe lula (HZ) Chinese Simplified (HZ)
4642Unicode (UTF-7) Unicode (UTF-7)
4643Ikhowudi efanayo (UTF-8) Unicode (UTF-8)
4644UmYurophu Osembindini (DOS) Central European (DOS)
4645Isi-Cyrillic (DOS) Cyrillic (DOS)
4646Isi-Thai (Windows) Thai (Windows)
4647IsiJapani (Shift-JIS) Japanese (Shift-JIS)
4648IsiTshayina Esenziwe lula (GB2312) Chinese Simplified (GB2312)
4649IsiKorea Korean
4650Isithethe saseTshayina (Big5) Chinese Traditional (Big5)
4651IsiHebhere (ISO-Logical) Hebrew (ISO-Logical)
4652Khetha-Ngokuzenzekela Auto-Select
4653IsiArabhu (ASMO 708) Arabic (ASMO 708)
4654IsiArabhu (DOS) Arabic (DOS)
4655IsiHebhere (DOS) Hebrew (DOS)
4656UmYurophu waseNtshonalanga (ISO) Western European (ISO)
4657Chinese Simplified (Auto-Select) Chinese Simplified (Auto-Select)
4658Chinese Traditional (Auto-Select) Chinese Traditional (Auto-Select)
4659Cyrillic (Auto-Select) Cyrillic (Auto-Select)
4660Greek (Auto-Select) Greek (Auto-Select)
4661Arabic (Auto-Select) Arabic (Auto-Select)
4662Ulwimi lwabantu baseTurkey (ISO) Turkish (ISO)
4663Latin 9 (ISO) Latin 9 (ISO)
4665Chinese Simplified (EUC) Chinese Simplified (EUC)
4666Korean (Johab) Korean (Johab)
4667OEM United States OEM United States
4668Western European Western European
4669Europa Europa
4670Chinese Traditional (CNS) Chinese Traditional (CNS)
4671Chinese Traditional (Eten) Chinese Traditional (Eten)
4672Lithuanian (ISO) Lithuanian (ISO)
4673Western European (DOS) Western European (DOS)
4674Greek (DOS) Greek (DOS)
4675Greek, Modern (DOS) Greek, Modern (DOS)
4676Baltic (DOS) Baltic (DOS)
4677Turkish (DOS) Turkish (DOS)
4678Icelandic (DOS) Icelandic (DOS)
4679Western European (Mac) Western European (Mac)
4680Japanese (Mac) Japanese (Mac)
4681Chinese Traditional (Mac) Chinese Traditional (Mac)
4682Korean (Mac) Korean (Mac)
4683Arabic (Mac) Arabic (Mac)
4700Hebrew (Mac) Hebrew (Mac)
4701Greek (Mac) Greek (Mac)
4702Cyrillic (Mac) Cyrillic (Mac)
4703Chinese Simplified (Mac) Chinese Simplified (Mac)
4704Central European (Mac) Central European (Mac)
4705Icelandic (Mac) Icelandic (Mac)
4706Turkish (Mac) Turkish (Mac)
4707IBM EBCDIC (US-Canada) IBM EBCDIC (US-Canada)
4708IBM EBCDIC (International) IBM EBCDIC (International)
4709IBM EBCDIC (Multilingual Latin-2) IBM EBCDIC (Multilingual Latin-2)
4710IBM EBCDIC (Greek Modern) IBM EBCDIC (Greek Modern)
4711IBM EBCDIC (Turkish Latin-5) IBM EBCDIC (Turkish Latin-5)
4712IBM EBCDIC (Germany) IBM EBCDIC (Germany)
4713IBM EBCDIC (Denmark-Norway) IBM EBCDIC (Denmark-Norway)
4714IBM EBCDIC (Finland-Sweden) IBM EBCDIC (Finland-Sweden)
4715IBM EBCDIC (Italy) IBM EBCDIC (Italy)
4716IBM EBCDIC (Spain) IBM EBCDIC (Spain)
4718IBM EBCDIC (Japanese katakana) IBM EBCDIC (Japanese katakana)
4719IBM EBCDIC (France) IBM EBCDIC (France)
4720IBM EBCDIC (Arabic) IBM EBCDIC (Arabic)
4721IBM EBCDIC (Greek) IBM EBCDIC (Greek)
4722IBM EBCDIC (Hebrew) IBM EBCDIC (Hebrew)
4723IBM EBCDIC (Korean Extended) IBM EBCDIC (Korean Extended)
4725IBM EBCDIC (Icelandic) IBM EBCDIC (Icelandic)
4726IBM EBCDIC (Cyrillic Russian) IBM EBCDIC (Cyrillic Russian)
4727IBM EBCDIC (Turkish) IBM EBCDIC (Turkish)
4728IBM EBCDIC (Cyrillic Serbian-Bulgarian) IBM EBCDIC (Cyrillic Serbian-Bulgarian)
4729IBM EBCDIC (Japanese and Japanese Katakana) IBM EBCDIC (Japanese and Japanese Katakana)
4730IBM EBCDIC (Japanese and US-Canada) IBM EBCDIC (Japanese and US-Canada)
4731IBM EBCDIC (Japanese and Japanese-Latin) IBM EBCDIC (Japanese and Japanese-Latin)
4732IBM EBCDIC (Korean and Korean Extended) IBM EBCDIC (Korean and Korean Extended)
4733IBM EBCDIC (Simplified Chinese) IBM EBCDIC (Simplified Chinese)
4734IBM EBCDIC (Traditional Chinese) IBM EBCDIC (Traditional Chinese)
4735IBM EBCDIC (US-Canada-Euro) IBM EBCDIC (US-Canada-Euro)
4736IBM EBCDIC (Germany-Euro) IBM EBCDIC (Germany-Euro)
4737IBM EBCDIC (Denmark-Norway-Euro) IBM EBCDIC (Denmark-Norway-Euro)
4738IBM EBCDIC (Finland-Sweden-Euro) IBM EBCDIC (Finland-Sweden-Euro)
4739IBM EBCDIC (Italy-Euro) IBM EBCDIC (Italy-Euro)
4740IBM EBCDIC (Spain-Euro) IBM EBCDIC (Spain-Euro)
4742IBM EBCDIC (France-Euro) IBM EBCDIC (France-Euro)
4743IBM EBCDIC (International-Euro) IBM EBCDIC (International-Euro)
4744IBM EBCDIC (Icelandic-Euro) IBM EBCDIC (Icelandic-Euro)
4745ISCII Assamese ISCII Assamese
4746ISCII Bengali ISCII Bengali
4747ISCII Devanagari ISCII Devanagari
4748ISCII Gujarati ISCII Gujarati
4749ISCII Kannada ISCII Kannada
4750ISCII Malayalam ISCII Malayalam
4751ISCII Oriya ISCII Oriya
4752ISCII Punjabi ISCII Punjabi
4753ISCII Telugu ISCII Telugu
4754ISCII Tamil ISCII Tamil
4755Thai (Mac) Thai (Mac)
4756Romanian (Mac) Romanian (Mac)
4757Ukrainian (Mac) Ukrainian (Mac)
4758Croatian (Mac) Croatian (Mac)
4759Portuguese (DOS) Portuguese (DOS)
4760French Canadian (DOS) French Canadian (DOS)
4761Arabic (864) Arabic (864)
4762Nordic (DOS) Nordic (DOS)
4763IsiTshayina Esenziwe lula (GB18030) Chinese Simplified (GB18030)
4764OEM Cyrillic OEM Cyrillic
4765OEM Multilingual Latin I OEM Multilingual Latin I
4766IBM Latin-1 IBM Latin-1
4768TCA Taiwan TCA Taiwan
4769IBM5550 Taiwan IBM5550 Taiwan
4770TeleText Taiwan TeleText Taiwan
4771Wang Taiwan Wang Taiwan
4772T.61 T.61
4773ISO-6937 ISO-6937
4774Chinese Simplified (GB2312-80) Chinese Simplified (GB2312-80)
4775Korean Wansung Korean Wansung
4776Ext Alpha Lowercase Ext Alpha Lowercase
4777Chinese Simplified (ISO-2022) Chinese Simplified (ISO-2022)
4778Chinese Traditional (ISO-2022) Chinese Traditional (ISO-2022)
4779Japanese (JIS 0208-1990 and 0212-1990) Japanese (JIS 0208-1990 and 0212-1990)
4864MS Gothic MS Gothic
4865MS PGothic MS PGothic
4866Simsun Simsun
4868GulimChe GulimChe
4869Gulim Gulim
4872MingLiu MingLiu
4873New MingLiu New MingLiu
4874Courier New Courier New
4875Arial Arial
4876Lucida Sans Unicode Lucida Sans Unicode
4877Miriam Fixed Miriam Fixed
4878David David
4879Cordia New Cordia New
4881Simplified Arabic Fixed Simplified Arabic Fixed
4882Simplified Arabic Simplified Arabic
4883Mangal Mangal
4885Latha Latha
4887Times New Roman Times New Roman
4888Tahoma Tahoma
5120Isekelwe kwisiLatini Latin based
5121Latin Latin
5122IsiGrike Greek
5123ISirilikhi Cyrillic
5124IsiArmeniya Armenian
5125IsiHebhere Hebrew
5126IsiArabhu Arabic
5127Isi-Devanagari Devanagari
5128E-Bangla Bangla
5129Isi-Gurmukhi Gurmukhi
5130Isi-Gujarati Gujarati
5131IsiOdia Odia
5132IsiTamil Tamil
5133IsiTelugu Telugu
5134IsiKannada Kannada
5135IsiMalayalam Malayalam
5136I-Thai Thai
5137IsiLao Lao
5138Isi-Tibetan Tibetan
5139Isi-Georgia Georgian
5141IsiJapani Japanese
5142IsiTshayina (Esiqhelekileyo) Chinese (Traditional)
5143IsiTshayina (Esenziwe lula) Chinese (Simplified)
5144I-Ethiopic Ethiopic
5145I-Canadian Aboriginal Syllabics Canadian Aboriginal Syllabics
5146I-Cherokee Cherokee
5147I-Yi Yi
5148I-Braille Braille
5149I-Runic Runic
5150I-Ogham Ogham
5151I-Sinhala Sinhala
5152IsiSyria Syriac
5153I-Myanmar Myanmar
5154I-Khmer Khmer
5155I-Thaana Thaana
5156IsiMongolian Mongolian
5158Default Default
5159Merge Merge
5160Asciisym Asciisym


File Name:mlang.dll.mui
File Size:16 kB
File Permissions:rw-rw-rw-
File Type:Win32 DLL
File Type Extension:dll
MIME Type:application/octet-stream
Machine Type:Intel 386 or later, and compatibles
Time Stamp:0000:00:00 00:00:00
PE Type:PE32
Linker Version:14.10
Code Size:0
Initialized Data Size:16384
Uninitialized Data Size:0
Entry Point:0x0000
OS Version:10.0
Image Version:10.0
Subsystem Version:6.0
Subsystem:Windows GUI
File Version Number:10.0.15063.0
Product Version Number:10.0.15063.0
File Flags Mask:0x003f
File Flags:(none)
File OS:Windows NT 32-bit
Object File Type:Dynamic link library
File Subtype:0
Language Code:Xhosa
Character Set:Unicode
Company Name:Microsoft Corporation
File Description:INkxaso ye-DLL yeeLwimi Ezininzi
File Version:10.0.15063.0 (WinBuild.160101.0800)
Internal Name:MLANG
Legal Copyright:© Microsoft Corporation. Onke amalungelo agciniwe.
Original File Name:MLANG.DLL.MUI
Product Name:Microsoft® Windows® Operating System
Product Version:10.0.15063.0
Ole Self Register:

What is mlang.dll.mui?

mlang.dll.mui is Multilingual User Interface resource file that contain Xhosa language for file mlang.dll (INkxaso ye-DLL yeeLwimi Ezininzi).

File version info

File Description:INkxaso ye-DLL yeeLwimi Ezininzi
File Version:10.0.15063.0 (WinBuild.160101.0800)
Company Name:Microsoft Corporation
Internal Name:MLANG
Legal Copyright:© Microsoft Corporation. Onke amalungelo agciniwe.
Original Filename:MLANG.DLL.MUI
Product Name:Microsoft® Windows® Operating System
Product Version:10.0.15063.0
Translation:0x434, 1200