Taskmgr.exe 任务管理器 bce80cd76a364c4281b9d279c3bce1e8

File info

File name: Taskmgr.exe.mui
Size: 33280 byte
MD5: bce80cd76a364c4281b9d279c3bce1e8
SHA1: 76fe91355c0266d526429b8bab5aad796ad9b237
SHA256: 79cbfdb02de358b1e1f78d220b592d9a242539ffcf849e937c735ab30004bcd6
Operating systems: Windows 10
Extension: MUI
In x64: Taskmgr.exe 任务管理器 (32 位)

Translations messages and strings

If an error occurred or the following message in Chinese (Simplified) language and you cannot find a solution, than check answer in English. Table below helps to know how correctly this phrase sounds in English.

id Chinese (Simplified) English
30040Microsoft YaHei UI Segoe UI
31501res`res`*`Resmon res`res`*`Resmon
31503load`load`config`Configuration file to load load`load`config`Configuration file to load
31504open`open`file`Data file to load open`open`file`Data file to load
31505任务管理器已被管理员禁用。 Task Manager has been disabled by your administrator.
32000文件 File
32001读取(字节/秒) Read (B/sec)
32002写入(字节/秒) Write (B/sec)
32003名称 Name
32004PID PID
32005用户名 User name
32006会话 ID Session ID
32007CPU CPU
32008CPU 时间 CPU time
32009周期 Cycle
32010工作集(内存) Working set (memory)
32011峰值工作集(内存) Peak working set (memory)
32012工作集增量(内存) Working set delta (memory)
32013内存(专用工作集) Memory (private working set)
32014内存(共享工作集) Memory (shared working set)
32015提交大小 Commit size
32016分页缓冲池 Paged pool
32017非分页缓冲池 NP pool
32018页面错误 Page faults
32019页面错误增量 PF Delta
32020基本优先级 Base priority
32021句柄 Handles
32022线程 Threads
32023用户对象 User objects
32024GDI 对象 GDI objects
32025I/O 读取 I/O reads
32026I/O 写入 I/O writes
32027I/O 其他 I/O other
32028I/O 读取字节 I/O read bytes
32029I/O 写入字节 I/O write bytes
32030I/O 其他字节 I/O other bytes
32031路径名称 Image path name
32032操作系统上下文 Operating system context
32033平台 Platform
32034状态 Status
32035特权 Elevated
32036UAC 虚拟化 UAC virtualization
32037描述 Description
32038数据执行保护 Data Execution Prevention
32039磁盘总数(字节/秒) Disk total (B/sec)
32040总数(字节/秒) Total (B/sec)
32041发送(字节/秒) Send (B/sec)
32042接收(字节/秒) Receive (B/sec)
32044响应时间(毫秒) Response time (ms)
32046 Group
32047逻辑磁盘 Logical disk
32048I/O 优先级 I/O priority
32049作业对象 ID Job Object ID
32050程序包名称 Package name
32051企业上下文 Enterprise Context
32200正在运行 Running
32201正在启动 Starting
32202正在继续 Continuing
32203正在暂停 Pausing
32204已暂停 Paused
32205正在停止 Stopping
32206已停止 Stopped
32210无响应 Not responding
32213已阻止 Throttled
32250后台 Background
32251 Low
32252正常 Normal
32253 High
32254关键 Critical
32256低于正常 Below normal
32258高于正常 Above normal
32260实时 Realtime
32261 N/A
32264Windows XP Windows XP
32265Windows Vista Windows Vista
32266Windows 7 Windows 7
32267Windows 8 Windows 8
32268Windows 8.1 Windows 8.1
32270%1 (%2) %1 (%2)
3227116 位 16 bit
3227232 位 32 bit
3227364 位 64 bit
32280 Yes
32281 No
32286已禁用 Disabled
32287已启用 Enabled
32350系统中断 System interrupts
32351延迟过程调用和中断服务例程 Deferred procedure calls and interrupt service routines
32352系统空闲进程 System Idle Process
32353处理器空闲时间百分比 Percentage of time the processor is idle
32360IPv4 环回 IPv4 loopback
32361IPv6 环回 IPv6 loopback
32362未指定 IPv4 IPv4 unspecified
32363未指定 IPv6 IPv6 unspecified
32365已连接 Connected
32366已断开连接 Disconnected
32367正在连接 Connecting
32368未知 Unknown
32369不可操作 Non operational
32371任意 Any
32372IR 基带 Infrared baseband
32373供应商特定 Vendor specific
32388LTE LTE
323891xRTT 1xRTT
323901xEVDO 1xEVDO
323911xEVDO RevA 1xEVDO RevA
323921xEVDV 1xEVDV
323933xRTT 3xRTT
323941xEVDO RevB 1xEVDO RevB
32395UMB UMB
32398蓝牙 PAN Bluetooth PAN
32399以太网 Ethernet
32400详细信息 Details
32401服务 Services
32402性能 Performance
32403进程 Processes
32404启动 Startup
32405用户 Users
32406应用历史记录 App history
32420任务管理器 Task Manager
32421你希望结束 %s 吗? Do you want to end %s?
32422如果某个打开的程序与此进程关联,则会关闭此程序并且将丢失所有未保存的数据。如果结束某个系统进程,则可能导致系统不稳定。你确定要继续吗? If an open program is associated with this process, it will close and you will lose any unsaved data. If you end a system process, it might result in system instability. Are you sure you want to continue?
32423结束进程 End process
32424你希望结束 %s 的进程树吗? Do you want to end the process tree of %s?
32425如果多个打开的程序或进程与此进程树关联,则会关闭这些程序或进程并且将丢失所有未保存的数据。如果结束某个系统进程,则可能导致系统不稳定。你确定要继续吗? If open programs or processes are associated with this process tree, they will close and you will lose any unsaved data. If you end a system process, it might result in system instability. Are you sure you want to continue?
32426结束进程树 End process tree
32427你希望结束所选进程吗? Do you want to end the selected processes?
32428如果多个打开的程序与所选进程关联,则会关闭这些程序并且将丢失所有未保存的数据。如果结束某个系统进程,则可能导致系统不稳定。你确定要继续吗? If open programs are associated with the selected processes, they will close and you will lose any unsaved data. If you end a system process, it might result in system instability. Are you sure you want to continue?
32429你希望结束所选进程树吗? Do you want to end the selected process trees?
32430如果多个打开的程序或进程与所选进程树关联,则会关闭这些程序或进程并且将丢失所有未保存的数据。如果结束某个系统进程,则可能导致系统不稳定。你确定要继续吗? If open programs or processes are associated with the selected process trees, they will close and you will lose any unsaved data. If you end a system process, it might result in system instability. Are you sure you want to continue?
32431选择列 Select columns
32432选择将显示在表中的列。 Select the columns that will appear in the table.
32443你希望结束系统进程“%s”吗? Do you want to end the system process '%s'?
32444结束此进程将导致 Windows 不稳定或关闭,从而导致丢失所有未保存的数据。你确定要继续吗? Ending this process will cause Windows to become unusable or shut down, causing you to lose any data hasn't been saved. Are you sure you want to continue?
32445关闭 Shut down
32446放弃未保存的数据并关闭。 Abandon unsaved data and shut down.
32447是否要更改“%s”的优先级? Do you want to change the priority of '%s'?
32448更改特定进程的优先级可能导致系统不稳定。 Changing the priority of certain processes could cause system instability.
32449更改优先级 Change priority
32450无法更改优先级 Unable to change priority
32451无法将优先级设置为“实时”。已将优先级设置为“高”。 Unable to set priority to Realtime. The priority was set to High instead.
32532尝试执行命令时,出现以下系统错误: When attempting to execute the command, the following system error occurred:
328001 字节/秒 1 B/sec
328011 KB/秒 1 KB/sec
3280210 KB/秒 10 KB/sec
32803100 KB/秒 100 KB/sec
328041 MB/秒 1 MB/sec
3280510 MB/秒 10 MB/sec
32806100 MB/秒 100 MB/sec
328071 GB/秒 1 GB/sec
328081 bps 1 bps
3280910 Kbps 10 Kbps
328101 Mbps 1 Mbps
3281110 Mbps 10 Mbps
32812100 Mbps 100 Mbps
328131 Gbps 1 Gbps
3281410 Gbps 10 Gbps
32815100 Gbps 100 Gbps
32816100 Kbps 100 Kbps
32821500 Kbps 500 Kbps
3282311 Mbps 11 Mbps
3282454 Mbps 54 Mbps
32826500 Mbps 500 Mbps
32830450 Kbps 450 Kbps
32831800 Kbps 800 Kbps
328327.7 Mbps 7.7 Mbps
3283332 Mbps 32 Mbps
3283450 Mbps 50 Mbps
32835200 Mbps 200 Mbps
32836300 Mbps 300 Mbps
328372 Gbps 2 Gbps
32841500 KB/秒 500 KB/s
32845250 MB/秒 250 MB/s
32846500 MB/秒 500 MB/s
3284810 GB/秒 10 GB/s
32849100 GB/秒 100 GB/s
32850450 KB/秒 450 KB/s
32851800 KB/秒 800 KB/s
328527 MB/秒 7 MB/s
3285360 MB/秒 60 MB/s
32854125 MB/秒 125 MB/s
32855200 MB/秒 200 MB/s
32856300 MB/秒 300 MB/s
328572 GB/秒 2 GB/s
32875bps bps
32876Kbps Kbps
32877Mbps Mbps
32878Gbps Gbps
32879字节/秒 B/sec
32880KB/秒 KB/s
32881MB/秒 MB/s
32882GB/秒 GB/s
32883K K
33000%I64d 字节/秒磁盘 I/O %I64d B/sec disk I/O
33001%I64d KB/秒磁盘 I/O %I64d KB/sec disk I/O
33002%I64d MB/秒磁盘 I/O %I64d MB/sec disk I/O
33003%I64d GB/秒磁盘 I/O %I64d GB/sec disk I/O
33004%I64d bps 网络 I/O %I64d bps network I/O
33005%I64d Kbps 网络 I/O %I64d Kbps network I/O
33006%I64d Mbps 网络 I/O %I64d Mbps network I/O
33007%I64d Gbps 网络 I/O %I64d Gbps network I/O
33020%I64d%% CPU 使用率 %I64d%% CPU usage
33021%I64d%% 已用物理内存 %I64d%% Used physical memory
33022%I64d 硬错误/秒 %I64d Hard faults/sec
33023%I64d%% 最大频率 %I64d%% Maximum frequency
33024%I64d%% 网络使用率 %I64d%% network utilization
33025%I64d%% 最长活动时间 %I64d%% Highest active time
33026%I64d MB 正在使用 %I64d MB in use
33027%I64d MB 可用 %I64d MB available
33028%d MB %d MB
33040磁盘 %s (%s)队列长度 Disk %s (%s) queue length
33080%s (PID: %d)线程: %s %s (PID: %d) Thread: %s
33081%s 的一个或多个线程处于等待状态。 One or more threads of %s are in waiting status.
33082%s 正在等待另一个进程(%s)。 %s is waiting for another process (%s).
33083%s 正在等待处于死锁状态的某个进程(%s)。你可以结束该死锁进程以便立即解决问题,或者等待以查看该问题能否自行解决。 %s is waiting for a process in deadlock (%s). You can end the deadlocked process to resolve the issue immediately, or you can wait to see if the issue resolves itself.
33084%s 正在等待处于死锁状态的多个进程。你可以结束这些死锁进程以便立即解决问题,或等待以查看该问题能否自行解决。 %s is waiting for multiple processes in deadlock. You can end the deadlocked processes to resolve the issue immediately, or you can wait to see if the issue resolves itself.
33085%s 处于死锁状态。你可以结束该进程以便立即解决该死锁,或者等待以查看该问题能否自行解决。 %s is in deadlock. You can end the process to resolve the deadlock immediately, or you can wait to see if the issue resolves itself.
33086%s 与一个或多个进程处于死锁状态。你可以结束这些进程以便立即解决该死锁,或者等待以查看该问题能否自行解决。 %s is in deadlock with one or more processes. You can end the processes to resolve the deadlock immediately, or you can wait to see if the issue resolves itself.
33093%s 未响应。 %s is not responding.
33094%s 的一个或多个线程正在等待完成网络 I/O。 One or more threads of %s are waiting to finish network I/O.
33095%s 正在等待另一个进程(%s)完成网络 I/O。 %s is waiting for another process (%s) to finish network I/O.
33098%s 正常运行。 %s is running normally.
33099%s 被暂停。 %s is suspended.
33200- -
33201(页面文件) (Page file)
33202%s (%s) %s (%s)
33203(NTFS 卷日志) (NTFS volume log)
33204(NTFS 主文件表) (NTFS master file table)
33205(NTFS 可用空间映射) (NTFS free space map)
33206%s *32 %s *32
33207%1%2 %1%2
33402进程 ID Process ID
33405所有内核的总处理器利用率 Total processor utilization across all cores
33406进程自启动后所用的处理器总时间(秒) Total processor time, in seconds, used by a process since it started
33407进程所消耗的 CPU 周期时间的当前百分比 Current percent of CPU cycle time consumption by the process
33408进程当前正在使用的物理内存量 Amount of physical memory currently in use by the process
33409进程所使用的最大物理内存量 Maximum amount of physical memory used by the process
33410进程所使用的工作集的变化量 Change in working set usage by the process
33411由该进程所使用而其他进程无法使用的物理内存量 Amount of physical memory in use by the process that cannot be used by other processes
33412由该进程所使用且可与其他进程共享的物理内存量 Amount of physical memory in use by the process that can be shared with other processes
33413操作系统为进程保留的虚拟内存量 Amount of virtual memory reserved by the operating system for the process
33414由内核或驱动程序代表进程所分配的可分页内核内存量 Amount of pageable kernel memory allocated by the kernel or drivers on behalf of the process
33415由内核或驱动程序代表进程所分配的不可分页内核内存量 Amount of non-pageable kernel memory allocated by the kernel or drivers on behalf of the process
33416进程自启动后生成的页面错误数 Number of page faults generated by the process since it was started
33417自最后一次更新后进程中页面错误数的变化量 Change in the number of page faults in the process since the last update
33418确定进程的线程排列顺序的级别 Ranking that determines the order in which threads of a process are scheduled
33419由进程打开的当前句柄数 Current number of handles open by the process
33420活动线程数 Number of active threads
33421由进程使用的窗口管理器对象(窗口、菜单、光标、键盘布局、监视器等)数 Number of window manager objects (windows, menus, cursors, keyboard layouts, monitors, etc.) used by the process
33422进程使用的 GDI 对象数 Number of GDI objects used by the process
33423进程自启动以来生成的读取 I/O 操作数 Number of read I/O operations generated by the process since it was started
33424进程自启动以来生成的写入 I/O 操作数 Number of write I/O operations generated by the process since it was started
33425进程自启动以来生成的非读取/非写入 I/O 操作(例如控制功能)数 Number of non-read/non-write I/O operations (for instance, control functions) generated by the process since it was started
33426进程在 I/O 操作期间读取的总字节数 Total number of bytes read by the process in I/O operations
33427进程在 I/O 操作期间写入的总字节数 Total number of bytes written by the process in I/O operations
33428进程在 I/O 操作(非读取/写入操作,例如控制功能)期间读取的总字节数 Total number of bytes read by the process in I/O operations other than read/write (for instance, control functions)
33429可执行文件的路径 Path of the executable file
33430指定用于创建进程的完整命令行 Full command line specified to create the process
33431运行进程的操作系统上下文 Operating system context in which the process is running
33432运行进程的平台(16 位或 32 位) Platform (16 bit or 32 bit) on which the process is running
33433运行进程的平台(32 位或 64 位) Platform (32 bit or 64 bit) on which the process is running
33434进程执行状态 Process execution status
33435指定进程是否以提升的权限运行 Specifies whether the process is running elevated or not
33438指定是为进程启用还是禁用数据执行保护(一项安全功能) Specifies whether Data Execution Prevention (a security feature) enabled or disabled for the process
33439正在其中运行进程的作业对象 Job object in which the process is running
33440文件: 进程所使用的文件的名称 File: Name of the file in use by the process
33441读取(字节/秒): 在最后一分钟内每秒从文件读取的平均字节数 Read (B/sec): Average number of bytes per second read from the file in the last minute
33442写入(字节/秒): 在最后一分钟内每秒写入到文件中的平均字节数 Write (B/sec): Average number of bytes per second written to the file in the last minute
33443IO 优先级: I/O 传输的优先级 IO priority: Priority of I/O transfers
33444响应时间(毫秒): 磁盘响应时间(毫秒) Response time (ms): Disk response time in milliseconds
33445发送(字节/秒): 在最后一分钟内每秒发送的平均字节数 Send (B/sec): Average number of bytes per second sent in the last minute
33446接收(字节/秒): 在最后一分钟内每秒接收的平均字节数 Receive (B/sec): Average number of bytes per second received in the last minute
33447总数(字节/秒): 在最后一分钟内每秒传输的平均字节数 Total (B/sec): Average number of bytes per second transferred in the last minute
33448服务名称 Service name
33449服务进程 ID Service process ID
33450服务描述 Description of the service
33451服务状态 Service status
33452服务组 Service group
33453CPU: 进程中的服务当前 CPU 消耗百分比 CPU: Current percent of CPU consumption by services within this process
33455逻辑驱动器: 逻辑驱动器号 Logical drive: Logical drive letter
33456总数(字节/秒): 在最后一分钟内每秒从文件读取和写入到文件的平均字节数 Total (B/sec): Average number of bytes per second read from and written to the file in the last minute
33457CPU 执行指令所用的时间长度 Amount of time spent by the CPU executing instructions
33458网络活动(包括下载和上载)的流量 Amount of network activity, including downloads and uploads
33459在按流量计费的网络连接上的网络活动 Network activity over a metered network connection
33460磁贴更新和通知方面的网络总体使用情况 Total network usage for tile updates and notifications
33461在不按流量计费的连接上的网络活动量 Amount of network activity over a non-metered connection
33462应用程序的下载活动 Download activity by the application
33463应用程序的上载活动 Upload activity by the application
33536指定是在进程中启用、禁用还是禁止用户帐户控制(UAC)虚拟化 Specifies whether User Account Control (UAC) virtualization is enabled, disabled, or not allowed in the process
33551管理运行的应用并查看系统性能 Manage running apps and view system performance
33555默认系统会话 Default System Session
33556服务主机: ActiveX 安装程序 Service Host: ActiveX Installer
33557服务主机: 蓝牙支持 Service Host: Bluetooth Support
33558服务主机: DCOM 服务器进程启动器 Service Host: DCOM Server Process Launcher
33559服务主机: 磁盘碎片整理程序 Service Host: Disk Defragmenter
33560服务主机: Windows 图像采集(WIA) Service Host: Windows Image Acquisition (WIA)
33561服务主机: 本地服务 Service Host: Local Service
33562服务主机: 本地服务(无模拟) Service Host: Local Service (No Impersonation)
33563服务主机: 本地服务(网络受限) Service Host: Local Service (Network Restricted)
33564服务主机: 本地服务(无网络) Service Host: Local Service (No Network)
33565服务主机: 本地服务(对等网络) Service Host: Local Service (Peer Networking)
33566服务主机: 本地系统(网络受限) Service Host: Local System (Network Restricted)
33567服务主机: 本地系统 Service Host: Local System
33568服务主机: 网络服务 Service Host: Network Service
33569服务主机: 网络服务(无模拟) Service Host: Network Service (No Impersonation)
33570服务主机: 网络服务(网络受限) Service Host: Network Service (Network Restricted)
33571服务主机: BranchCache Service Host: BranchCache
33572服务主机: 远程注册表 Service Host: Remote Registry
33573服务主机: 远程过程调用 Service Host: Remote Procedure Call
33574服务主机: Windows 备份 Service Host: Windows Backup
33575服务主机: Windows Defender Service Host: Windows Defender
33576服务主机: Microsoft 软件卷影副本提供程序 Service Host: Microsoft Software Shadow Copy Provider
33577服务主机: Windows 生物识别 Service Host: Windows Biometric
33578服务主机: Windows 颜色系统 Service Host: Windows Color System
33579服务主机: Windows 错误报告 Service Host: Windows Error Reporting
33580服务主机: 虚拟机检测信号 Service Host: Virtual Machine Heartbeat
33581服务主机: IIS 应用程序主机帮助程序服务 Service Host: IIS Application Host Helper Service
33582服务主机: Internet 信息服务 Service Host: Internet Information Service
33583服务主机: 打印机服务 Service Host: Printer Services
33584服务主机: 文件服务器资源管理器 Service Host: File Server Resource Manager
33585服务主机: 组策略 Service Host: Group Policy
33586服务主机: Unistack 服务组 Service Host: Unistack Service Group
33587服务主机: UtcSvc Service Host: UtcSvc
33588服务主机: Service Host:
33610已保留硬件(%1!s! MB)
已保留供 BIOS 和其他外设的某些驱动程序使用的内存
Hardware reserved (%1!s! MB)
Memory that is reserved for use by the BIOS and some drivers for other peripherals
33611使用中(%1!s! MB)

使用中,已压缩(%2!s! MB)
In use (%1!s! MB)
Memory used by processes, drivers, or the operating system

In use compressed (%2!s! MB)
Memory compression is not enabled
33612已修改(%1!s! MB)
Modified (%1!s! MB)
Memory whose contents must be written to disk before it can be used for another purpose
33613备用(%1!s! MB)
Standby (%1!s! MB)
Memory that contains cached data and code that is not actively in use
33614可用(%1!s! MB)
Free (%1!s! MB)
Memory that is not currently in use, and that will be repurposed first when processes, drivers, or the operating system need more memory
33615已缓存(%1!s! MB)
Cached (%1!s! MB)
Amount of memory (including standby and modified memory) containing cached data and code for rapid access by processes, drivers, and the operating system
33616可用(%1!s! MB)
Available (%1!s! MB)
Amount of memory (including Standby and Free memory) that is immediately available for use by processes, drivers, or the operating system
33617使用中(%1!s! MB)

使用中,已压缩(%2!s! MB)
压缩内存存储了估计 %3!s! MB 的数据,为系统节省了 %4!s! MB 的内存
In use (%1!s! MB)
Memory used by processes, drivers, or the operating system

In use compressed (%2!s! MB)
Compressed memory stores an estimated %3!s! MB of data, saving the system %4!s! MB of memory
33803内存组合图表 Memory composition chart
338150 0
338250% 0%
33836100% 100%
338384 分钟 4 minutes
3383960 秒 60 seconds
3384030 秒 30 seconds
33841已修改 Modified
33847磁盘 Disk
33852使用中 In Use
33853备用 Standby
33854可用 Free
33855内存 Memory
33859网络 Network
34222选项卡控件 Tab control
34223图表 Charts
34224表格 Tables
34225进程详细信息 Process details
34250最大速度: Maximum speed:
34251插槽: Sockets:
34252逻辑处理器: Logical processors:
34254主机逻辑处理器: Host logical processors:
34255虚拟化: Virtualization:
34256虚拟机: Virtual machine:
34257L1 缓存: L1 cache:
34258L2 缓存: L2 cache:
34259L3 缓存: L3 cache:
34263不可用 Not capable
34264内核: Cores:
34265虚拟处理器: Virtual processors:
34266Hyper-V 支持: Hyper-V support:
34270利用率 Utilization
34271速度 Speed
34272正常运行时间 Up time
342764 分钟内的利用率 % % Utilization over 4 minutes
3427730 秒内的利用率 % % Utilization over 30 seconds
34278逻辑处理器 Logical processors
3427960 秒内的利用率 % % Utilization over 60 seconds
34280% 利用率 % Utilization
34281%s GHz %s GHz
34282利用率 % (已暂停) % Utilization (Paused)
34283打开资源监视器 Open Resource Monitor
34285%1!d!%2!s! %1!d!%2!s!
34286CPU %d CPU %d
34287CPU %1!d! (节点 %2!d!) CPU %1!d! (Node %2!d!)
34288NUMA 节点 %d NUMA node %d
34289%s - 已停止 %s - Parked
34291%1!d!%2!s! (%3!d!%4!s!) %1!d!%2!s! (%3!d!%4!s!)
34292“打开资源监视器”图标 Open Resource Monitor icon
34293“打开服务”图标 Open Services icon
34349速度: Speed:
34350已使用的插槽: Slots used:
34351%1!u!/%2!u! %1!u! of %2!u!
34353已缓存 Cached
34354已提交 Committed
34360内存使用量 Memory usage
34361内存组合 Memory composition
34362%0.1f MB %s %0.1f MB %s
34363%0.1f GB %s %0.1f GB %s
34364%1.0f MB %s %1.0f MB %s
34365%1.0f GB %s %1.0f GB %s
34366%u MHz %u MHz
34367%s KB %s KB
34376%1!s!/%2!s! MB %1!s!/%2!s! MB
34377%1!s! (%2!s!) %1!s! (%2!s!)
34378%1!s!/%2!s! GB %1!s!/%2!s! GB
34380外形规格: Form factor:
34381为硬件保留的内存: Hardware reserved:
34382最大内存: Maximum memory:
34384(%.0f%%) (%.0f%%)
34385插槽 %1!u!: %2!s!, %3!hu! MHz Slot %1!u!: %2!s!, %3!hu! MHz
34386插槽 %1!u!: 空 Slot %1!u!: empty
34387%1!s! %2!s! %1!s! %2!s!
34389... ...
34390%1!s!/%2!s! TB %1!s!/%2!s! TB
34391%s MB %s MB
34392%s GB %s GB
34393%s TB %s TB
34394%s PB %s PB
34395%s %s
34399使用中(已压缩) In use (Compressed)
34448读取: R:
34449写入: W:
34450磁盘 %1!d! (%2!s!) Disk %1!d! (%2!s!)
34451类型: Type:
34453容量: Capacity:
34454已格式化: Formatted:
34455系统磁盘: System disk:
34456页面文件: Page file:
34457读取速度 Read speed
34458写入速度 Write speed
34459平均响应时间 Average response time
34460磁盘传输速率 Disk transfer rate
34461活动时间 Active time
34463磁盘 %d Disk %d
34466%s 毫秒 %s ms
34468%.0f%% %.0f%%
34479已安装的内存总量 Total installed memory
34480内存使用率百分比 Memory usage in percentage
34481总体 CPU 图表窗格 Overall CPU chart pane
34482逻辑 CPU 图表窗格 Logical CPU chart pane
34483Numa 节点 CPU 图表窗格 Numa node CPU chart pane
34484可用范围 Available range
34485已缓存范围 Cached range
34486分隔条 Separator bar
34487CPU 图标 CPU Icon
34488内存图标 Memory Icon
34489磁盘图标 Disk Icon
34490网络图标 Network Icon
34491已断开连接的网络的图形 Disconnected network graph
34492动态资源信息 Dynamic Resource Information
34493静态资源信息 Static Resource Information
34494资源图表视图 Resource Chart View
34495已断开连接的网络的图标 Disconnected network icon
34549适配器名称: Adapter name:
34550服务提供商: Service provider:
34551连接类型: Connection type:
34552IPv4 地址: IPv4 address:
34553IPv6 地址: IPv6 address:
34554DNS 名称: DNS name:
34555域名: Domain name:
34557设备名称: Device name:
34558SSID: SSID:
34560吞吐量 Throughput
34561接收 Receive
34562发送 Send
34564信号强度: Signal strength:
34566%1!s! %1!s!
34568未连接 Not connected
34569发送: S:
34570接收: R:
34650CPU 活动 CPU activity
34651私有工作集 Private working set
34652此磁盘上的读取和写入活动 Read and write activity on this disk
34653磁盘处理读取或写入请求的时间百分比 Percentage of time the disk is processing read or write requests
34654此网络上的发送和接收活动 Send and receive activity on this network
34667属性 Property
34668网络使用率 Network utilization
34669链接速度 Link speed
34671发送字节吞吐量 Bytes sent throughput
34672接收字节吞吐量 Bytes received throughput
34673字节吞吐量 Bytes throughput
34674已发送的字节 Bytes sent
34675已接收的字节 Bytes received
34676字节 Bytes
34677每个间隔发送的字节 Bytes sent per interval
34678每个间隔接收的字节 Bytes received per interval
34679每个间隔的字节 Bytes per interval
34680已发送的单播 Unicasts sent
34681已接收的单播 Unicasts received
34682单播 Unicasts
34683每个间隔发送的单播 Unicasts sent per interval
34684每个间隔接收的单播 Unicasts received per interval
34685每个间隔的单播 Unicasts per interval
34686已发送的非单播 Nonunicasts sent
34687已接收的非单播 Nonunicasts received
34688非单播 Nonunicasts
34689每个间隔发送的非单播 Nonunicasts sent per interval
34690每个间隔接收的非单播 Nonunicasts received per interval
34691每个间隔的非单播 Nonunicasts per interval
34692普通蓝牙无线收发器 Generic Bluetooth Adapter
34694Wi-Fi Wi-Fi
34695蓝牙 Bluetooth
34696移动宽带 Mobile
34705CPU %1!u! CPU %1!u!
34706CPU %2!u! (节点 %1!d!) CPU %2!u! (Node %1!d!)
34708组 %1!u! Group %1!u!
36002 Busy
36003正在等待用户 Waiting for user
36007阴影操作 Shadowing
36009本地 Local
36010远程 Remote
36052窗口 Window
36054启动项目 Startup item
36055启动进程 Startup process
36101托盘图标 Tray icon
36102%1: %2 %1: %2
36103应用 App
37003类型 Type
37005发布者 Publisher
37006进程名称 Process name
37007命令行 Command line
37012启动影响 Startup impact
37013启动类型 Startup type
37014启动时的磁盘 I/O Disk I/O at startup
37015启动时的 CPU CPU at startup
37016立即运行 Running now
37017禁用时间 Disabled time
37019ID ID
37020客户端名称 Client name
37021会话 Session
37024%1 (%2!d!) %1 (%2!d!)
37033%s MB/秒 %s MB/s
37034%s Mbps %s Mbps
37035%s%% %s%%
37043磁贴更新 Tile updates
37044按流量计费的网络 Metered network
37045不按流量计费的网络 Non-metered network
37046下载 Downloads
37047上载 Uploads
37150已排序(升序) Sorted (ascending)
37151已排序(降序) Sorted (descending)
37154后台进程 Background processes
37155Windows 进程 Windows processes
37157资源值(&V) Resource &values
37161不允许 Not allowed
37200简略信息 Fewer details
37201行详细信息 Row details
37208项目列表 List of items
37210详细信息(&D) More &details
37211简略信息(&D) Fewer &details
37212新建任务 Create new task
37213Windows 将根据你所键入的名称,为你打开相应的程序、文件夹、文档或 Internet 资源。 Type the name of a program, folder, document, or Internet resource, and Windows will open it for you.
37214用户 %s (SessionId=%d)无法断开连接。
User %s (SessionId=%d) could not be disconnected.
37215如果注销用户,则该用户未保存的数据可能会丢失。 If you sign out a user, the user's unsaved data might be lost.
37216是否要继续? Do you want to continue?
37217注销用户 Sign out user
37218你确实要断开所选用户的连接吗? Are you sure you want to disconnect the selected user(s)?
37219断开用户连接 Disconnect user
37220来自 %1 的消息 - %2 Message from %1 - %2
37221无法向用户(SessionId=%d)发送你的消息。 Your message to user with SessionId=%d could not be sent.
37222查看 View
37223列标题 Column header
37224未运行任何应用 There are no running apps
37225无法完成该操作。 The operation could not be completed.
37226该操作对该进程无效。 The operation is not valid for this process.
37227无法终止进程 Unable to terminate process
37228无法终止进程树 Unable to terminate process tree
37229无法附加调试程序 Unable to attach debugger
37231无法访问或设置进程相关性 Unable to access or set process affinity
37232转储进程 Dump process
37233命令栏 Command Bar
37234图标 Icon
37235无法启动服务 Unable to start service
37236无法停止服务 Unable to stop service
37237无法重新启动服务 Unable to restart service
37238无法设置虚拟化 Unable to set virtualization
37239要更改“%s”的虚拟化吗? Do you want to change virtualization for '%s'?
37240更改进程的虚拟化可能会导致意外结果(包括数据丢失)。仅在调试时才应这样做。 Changing virtualization for a process may lead to undesired results including loss of data. You should do this only for debugging.
37241更改虚拟化 Change virtualization

#%u %s
Unhandled error occurred while connecting.

#%u %s
37243输入所选用户的密码 Enter the selected user's password
37244你需要具备管理员权限才能完成此任务。请关闭“任务管理器”,然后以管理员身份运行该任务并重试。 You need administrator privileges to complete this task. Close Task Manager, then run it as an administrator and try again.
37245访问被拒绝。 Access denied.
37499未计量 Not measured
37501 Medium
37503注册表 Registry
37504文件夹 Folder
37505%1 %2 %1 %2
37600启用(&N) E&nable
37601禁用(&A) Dis&able
37604上次 BIOS 所用时间: Last BIOS time:
37605%1 秒 %1 seconds
38001结束任务(&E) &End task
38002重新启动(&E) R&estart
38003切换用户(&S) &Switch user
38004注销(&G) Si&gn out
38005断开连接(&C) Dis&connect
38006打开服务 Open Services
38501切换到(&T) Switch &to
38502资源使用情况文本 Resource usage text
38504删除使用情况历史记录 Delete usage history
38506无可用数据 No data available
38508自 %1!s! 以来,当前用户和系统帐户的资源使用情况。 Resource usage since %1!s! for current user and system accounts.
38510卸载的进程 Uninstalled processes
38511远程进程 Remote processes
38512系统 System
38513自 %1!s! 以来,当前用户帐户的资源使用情况。 Resource usage since %1!s! for current user account.
38514持续时间 : Duration :
38612CPU %1!d!%2!s!
内存 %3!d!%4!s!
磁盘 %5!d!%6!s!
网络 %7!d!%8!s!
CPU %1!d!%2!s!
Memory %3!d!%4!s!
Disk %5!d!%6!s!
Network %7!d!%8!s!
38613CPU %1!d!%2!s!
内存 %3!d!%4!s!
CPU %1!d!%2!s!
Memory %3!d!%4!s!
39000没有可显示的启动项 There are no startup items to display
39002单个进程保留的物理内存总量 Total physical memory reserved by individual processes
39003所有物理驱动器的总利用率 Total utilization across all physical drives
39004当前主要网络上的网络利用率 Network utilization on the current primary network
39005CPU 和磁盘活动的影响程度(在启动期间计量且每次重启时都会更新) Degree of impact from CPU and disk activity, measured during startup and updated with each restart
39006磁盘活动(在启动期间计量且每次重启时都会更新) Disk activity, measured during startup and updated with each restart
39007CPU 活动(在启动期间计量且每次重启时都会更新) CPU activity, measured during startup and updated with each restart
39008尚未计量影响。请重启电脑以计量启动影响。 Impact hasn't been measured yet. Restart your PC to measure startup impact.
39101用于压缩内存的 Windows 系统进程 Windows system process for memory compression
40001个人 Personal
40002例外 Exempt
40003( (
40006许可 Permissive
40007文件复制例外 File copy exempt
40008) )
40009 ,
40010不适用 N/A
0x10000031响应时间 Response Time
0x30000000信息 Info
0x30000001开始 Start
0x30000002停止 Stop
0x50000002错误 Error
0x90000001Microsoft-Windows-Diagnosis-AdvancedTaskManager Microsoft-Windows-Diagnosis-AdvancedTaskManager


File Name:Taskmgr.exe.mui
File Size:32 kB
File Permissions:rw-rw-rw-
File Type:Win32 DLL
File Type Extension:dll
MIME Type:application/octet-stream
Machine Type:Intel 386 or later, and compatibles
Time Stamp:0000:00:00 00:00:00
PE Type:PE32
Linker Version:14.10
Code Size:0
Initialized Data Size:32768
Uninitialized Data Size:0
Entry Point:0x0000
OS Version:10.0
Image Version:10.0
Subsystem Version:6.0
Subsystem:Windows GUI
File Version Number:10.0.15063.0
Product Version Number:10.0.15063.0
File Flags Mask:0x003f
File Flags:(none)
File OS:Windows NT 32-bit
Object File Type:Executable application
File Subtype:0
Language Code:Chinese (Simplified)
Character Set:Unicode
Company Name:Microsoft Corporation
File Description:任务管理器
File Version:10.0.15063.0 (WinBuild.160101.0800)
Internal Name:Task Manager
Legal Copyright:© Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
Original File Name:Taskmgr.exe.mui
Product Name:Microsoft® Windows® Operating System
Product Version:10.0.15063.0

What is Taskmgr.exe.mui?

Taskmgr.exe.mui is Multilingual User Interface resource file that contain Chinese (Simplified) language for file Taskmgr.exe (任务管理器).

File version info

File Description:任务管理器
File Version:10.0.15063.0 (WinBuild.160101.0800)
Company Name:Microsoft Corporation
Internal Name:Task Manager
Legal Copyright:© Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
Original Filename:Taskmgr.exe.mui
Product Name:Microsoft® Windows® Operating System
Product Version:10.0.15063.0
Translation:0x804, 1200